Hear Me Roar​​

My adventures as a #boymom #homesteader and a #mswarrior


My 5 boys, my stay at home husband,our dog and myself moved from the big city of Guelph to rural Grey-Bruce.  We live in a house we built in the middle of the woods. When I think of what my life looks likes, its a mash up of Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Pairie, Malcom in the Middle [I have totally answered the door in a bra before] and Modern Family....yes thats a lot of TV shows, but when your nursing for the better part of 6 years TV is a staple part of life.

My parenting style can only be described as "free range"....like raising chickens

My life style can only be described as...hmmm...no description really fits.  Love everyone. Fight for whats right. respect the planet.  Don't be douche

I swear like a sailor and sarcasim is my favorite.

I survive off of coffee and chocolate